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  1. Get access to our growing ‘#nethub’ of members to whom you will be able to reach out for support;
  2. Have access to our ‘#mentor match’ scheme;
  3. Have first refusal to enter the annual ‘Magic Carpet’ competition; a competition using the dragon’s den concept; a Magic Carpet to dream big and fly high.
  4. Obtain support from successful business/professional women who will help you to prepare a business plan, brainstorm ideas, etc
  5. Obtain support from successful business/professional women and have access to their mentorship;
  6. Have first refusal to come to Leading Ladies events;
  7. Be supported to set up your own Leading Ladies events to inspire women and girls by becoming a Leading Ladies Ambassador;
  8. Have the opportunity to give back and support other women and the next generation of women and girls by sharing your uniqueness and your unique skills;