Samia Latif – Leading Ladies Global

Samia trained in Public Health in the UK and is currently working as a Consultant in Communicable Disease Control (CCDC) at Public Health England (PHE) in the East Midlands. She is also the co-chair of the BAME network at PHE and the Associate Caldicott Guardian for PHE East Midlands.

Samia is the Assistant Academic Registrar for the UK’s Faculty of Public Health (FPH) and a member of the Faculty’s Global Health Committee and Special Interest Groups (Pakistan, Public Mental Health and Global Violence Prevention).

She sits on the East Midland’s NHSE Clinical Senate Assembly and has been involved in regional reviews of healthcare services. Samia is a GMC appraiser, an educational supervisor and an accredited mentor.

Her areas of interest are health protection, in particular, communicable diseases control as well as global public health, public mental health and health inequalities. She is also a keen advocate for gender equality.